September 14 - 16, 2016
Dresden, Germany

CESBP Central European Symposium on Building Physics

In addition to the classic building physical research themes, the CESBP 2016 is now on its way to integrate topics from the neighboring fields of occupant’s behavior and building’s energy efficiency. The conference program comprises new developments in building physics, materials science and thermal comfort as well as topics ranging from energy-efficient construction up to plus-energy concepts for settlements and neighborhoods.

Advanced testing methods, results from laboratory and in-situ field tests, development of new products as well as innovative construction and retrofitting methods belong to innovative technologies presented. Application of modern planning and simulation tools is increasingly regarded as important in this context.


1. Building materials and envelope systems 
   · Hygro-thermal and mechanical properties
   · Durability, Poro-mechanics
   · Frost damage and salts
   · Vented constructions, air leakage, in/exfiltration
   · Mold growth, VOC emissions
   · Multi-functional intelligent façade systems and new materials
   · Retrofit and conservation

2. Human comfort, health and indoor air Quality
   · Thermal and visual comfort, Thermo-physiology
   · Ventilation strategies and thermal performance of indoor Environments
   · Pollutants, indoor air quality 
   · Human health and performance
   · Occupant behavior and human-computer interaction

3. Usability and safety of buildings
   · Building services and systems 
   · Lighting technics and concepts
   · Acoustics and noise protection
   · Fire safety & protection

4. Integral energy concepts for buildings and neighborhoods
   · Energy-efficient construction technologies
   · Passive and low energy buildings
   · Storage and grid technologies
   · Demand side management and model-predictive control
   · Renewable energy sources
   · Coupling of heat and power
   · Net-zero and Plus-energy concepts
   · Concepts for Active house and Energy⊕

5. Urban physics
   · Building aerodynamics
   · Wind driven rain 
   · Urban climate
   · Urban heat island effect 

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The conference is supported by the Excellence Initiative of the German Federal and State Governments.